Achieve sustainable weight loss

Rooted in science and with an industry leading team of expert doctors and coaches, our weight loss program achieves great results that last
  • Modern weight loss medication that reduces your appetite
  • World-renowned doctors and expert health coaches
  • 20% weight loss possible within 6 months
  • Virtual treatment from the comfort of your home
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It's not just willpower – An innovative take on weight loss

Weight loss is challenging and just willpower is often not enough to keep the pounds off. Endocare provides personal treatment that is that works with your body.

Rooted in science and with an industry leading team of expert doctors and coaches, our treatments achieve great results that last.

We take a unique approach to weight loss by combining GLP-1 medication (e.g. Mounjaro, Ozempic or Wegovy) with lifestyle interventions and personal coaching.

What our patients say...

I have lost 12 kg in the last three months after joining the Endocare program! I feel more confident and smile each time I pass by a mirror

Maryam S.

I have struggled with weight loss for years. Every pound that I lost, I regained the next month ... Thanks to Endocare I have been keeping off the weight for months now 🙌

Omar T.

I feel proud and happy and regained a lot of confidence. I started to believe in myself again and will continue on my weight loss journey ❤️❤️

Jessica B.

Thanks very much. The medication works very well for me even after some side effects during the first weeks. The coach is great and I have learned a lot

Tatiana C.

Great program 👍👍

Mohammed A.

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Meet Dr. Hecham Harb

Medical Director and Obesity Specialist at Endocare