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  • Endocare follows a modern and innovative treatment approach, specialized in weight loss, diabetes and a range of other endocrinology services
  • Our treatment is personal and rooted in science. We truly care for our patients and create a highly convenient patient experience
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Our values


We provide personal care, tailored to your individual needs. Jointly with our medical team, we explore your specific situation and set up a treatment approach as unique as you.

Rooted in science

We provide modern and science-based weight loss, diabetes and endocrinology services. Our medical team are true experts in their fields. At Endocare we believe in science and professional care, which you feel from day one.


We understand that treatment can be burdensome. Through virtual consultations and medication home delivery, we create a highly convenient patient experience. But we are always delighted to meet you personally at our clinic.


We truly care for our patients and support your every step of the way. Our weight loss, diabetes and endocrinology services have no expiry date – we are always there for you, before, during and after the treatment.

Meet our Medical Director

Dr. Hecham Harb has more than 20 years of experience in weight management and endocrinology in Europe, Australia and the Middle East. He leads our medical team and oversees the Endocare weight loss program

“Weight loss is not just about willpower, it is deeply rooted in your biology. By combining healthy lifestyle changes with modern medication, I believe that everyone can achieve their weight loss goals. Starting with a detailed metabolic assessment, our weight loss program delivers lasting results, helping you keep the weight off for good."


Dr. Hecham Harb

Medical Director and Consultant Endocrinologist

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You and your health are truly unique. During our first expert consultation we will explore your personal requirements for weight loss and introduce you to the Endocare Program.

Meet Dr. Hecham Harb

Medical Director and Obesity Specialist at Endocare