A weight loss program built to empower you

Your Endocare weight loss program

Losing weight can be challenging and overwhelming. After a diet, many struggle to keep off the weight. This is why we developed the Endocare program.

Visible weight loss in weeks

Healthy habits that make you proud

Money-back guarantee

Expert support at your fingertips

Month 0-1

Program kick off

  • Have your first consultation with an Endocare specialist
  • Meet your Endocare health and lifestyle coach virtually or physically in our clinic
  • Start on the GLP-1 weight loss medication, conveniently delivered to your home

Month 1-3

Develop new habits

  • Work with your coach to build healthy habits and improve your lifestyle
  • Regularly consult with your doctor to discuss weight loss and any potential medication side effects
  • Learn the fundamentals and understand the science behind your weight loss journey

Month 3-6

Keep up momentum

  • Continue working with your coach to keep seeing results and building great habits
  • Reach the maintenance stage of your GLP-1 medication prescription
  • Monitor your weight loss and health improvements - celebrate your successes

Month 6 & beyond

Your new normal

  • By following the program, you'll have made amazing progress already. But it doesn't end here.
  • Endocare is your companion for however long you need us, so you'll discuss your next steps with your coach
  • At any time, check in with your specialist doctor for any medical support

Book your expert consultation

You and your health are truly unique. During our first expert consultation we will explore your personal requirements for weight loss and introduce you to the Endocare Program.

Meet Dr. Hecham Harb

Medical Director and Obesity Specialist at Endocare

Safe and effective medication

GLP-1 weight loss medications combined with lifestyle changes and personal coaching are the safest and most effective long-term option for weight loss, according to research.

GLP-1 medication comes with many benefits that will aid your weight loss such as

  • Increased satiety & improved digestion
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved blood sugar
  • Reduced inflammation

Prof. Dr. Filip Knop

Medical Advisor at Endocare and Professor of Endocrinology and Head of Metabolic Research at the University of Copenhagen

Meet our Medical Advisor

Prof. Dr. Filip Knop has more than 20 years of experience as a leading researcher in the field of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular health. In several publications, he showed the effectiveness of GLP-1 medications. Prof. Dr. Knop serves as the Medical Advisor to Endocare

"Multiple clinical studies have shown that GLP-1 is one of the safest and most effective medications for weight loss. Increased satiety and improved digestion are just some of the proven benefits. Paired with healthy lifestyle changes, GLP-1 medication achieves sustainable weight loss that lasts."

What our patients say...

I have lost 12 kg in the last three months after joining the Endocare program! 🤗 I feel more confident and smile each time I pass by a mirror

Maryam S.

I have struggled with weight loss for years. Every pound that I lost, I regained the next month ... Thanks to Endocare I have been keeping off the weight for months now 🙌

Omar T.

I feel proud and happy and regained a lot of confidence. I started to believe in myself again and will continue on my weight loss journey ❤️❤️

Jessica B.

I have struggled with weight loss for years. Every pound that I lost, I regained the next month ... Thanks to Endocare I have been keeping off the weight for months now

Tatiana C.

Great program 👍👍

Mohammed A.